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Adventure to Space by Saket Pattnaik

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Once upon a time ago, a boy lived in Masupia. His name was Varra Sheikh. He had a friend, his name was Marra Sheikh. Varra loved to invent things on his own. He invented a rocket one day. His plan was to go to the moon and find some moon rocks to bring back. He also wanted to click some photos of the moon.

The next day, Varra called his friend Marra. He told him that he wanted to go exploring, and travel in space.

“How we will be going,” Marra said.

Varra said, “We will go by rocket.”

“Wow! But where?” Marra said.

“To the moon,” Varra said.

“When will we go?” Marra said.

“Today is Tuesday so, we will go on Thursday,” Varra said.

On Thursday, Varra and Marra met. They talked about things they’d need. Varra said everything they needed was ready like spacesuits, shoes, clothes, etc…. and the rocket.

Then Marra said, “We have to reach the spot where the rocket is by car.” They went by car to that spot. In the evening, they reached the spot and looked around all the arrangements.

Then, Varra showed the inside of the rocket to Marra.

The rocket was ready to launch. Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, ZERO… THE ROCKET LAUNCHED……… THEY WERE GOING TO THE MOON. Soon after lift-off, they reached near the orbit of the moon.

After some time, they landed.

“Wow, I am walking on the moon,” Marra said.

Then Varra also began walking on the moon. He said, “Yes, Marra we are walking on the moon. Now let us pick some moon rocks”.

Both started picking some moon rocks. Some minutes later, Varra said, “Finally, I have finished.”

“I have also finished,” Marra said.

“Now we must click some photos of the moon soil,” Varra said. Marra also clicked some photos of the earth from the moon.

“Finally, I have finished,” Marra said.

“I have also finished,” Varra said.

“Let’s go back to earth,” Marra said.

Their “ADVENTURE TO THE MOON” was complete, they said together.

The rocket was again ready to launch. Ten, Nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, ZERO… THE ROCKET LAUNCHED……… THEY WERE GOING TO EARTH. The rocket launched on Sunday, at 1:00 AM. They reached earth on Monday, at 1:03 PM.

Back on earth, they went back to their homes and slept nicely.

Varra woke up the next morning when his dad knocked.

“Dad!” Varra showed his father the moon rocks and pictures of the moon.

“Wow, my child! These are so good!” Varra’s dad said and hugged him.



Saket Pattanik is eight years old. He loves cars and traveling. In his spare time, he makes things from discarded items. Saket's story, "Trip to the Nature" was part of Little Thoughts Press Issue Two: Natural Wonder's bonus features.


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