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Founder and editor in chief Claire Taylor (she/her) has been a writer since childhood. Her first poem, published at the age of ten in Highlights Magazine, was about what it might feel like to be a leaf. Growing up, Claire’s favorite books were The Boxcar Children series, Bridge to Terabithia, and Say Goodnight, Gracie. She loves stories that explore our humanity and emotions, foster creativity, and encourage readers to take care of the world and each other. Claire's debut picture book, Benjamin's Sad Day, is forthcoming from Golden Fleece Press. Claire lives in Baltimore, Maryland, with her family and pets in an old stone house where birds love to roost.

Read more about Claire & find her books & other writing here.

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Cover artist Rachael Harbert (she/her) is an artist, nature lover, and cat lady currently living in Michigan. All her life, making art has helped Rachael cope with tough times, express joy, and discover more about herself. Dance/movement, drawing, painting, and journaling are some of her favorite mediums. She loves patterns, textures, and detail. She can spend hours looking at rocks. Her favorite place to be is the forest, so her favorite color is green. Something she loves most of all is watching things grow.

Find books, cards, and prints featuring Rachael’s illustrations here.

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Editor Carries Karnes-Fannin (she/her) is a full-time writer and occasional artist. When not writing or drawing, she enjoys photography, hiking, and re-reading the works of comedic genius Douglas Adams. She firmly believes “42” answers “the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything,” but unfortunately has mislaid her towel. She lives in the Appalachian foothills of north Georgia with her husband, plus two fur kids: a groovy dog named Bodhi, and Langston—a perfectionist cat who is grumpy about being last on this list.

Read more about Carrie and her work here.

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