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A Story by Amelia A.

Two turtles on the edge of a pond
(photo of the back of a school bus via Wix media)


It was the first day of school. Me and my mom, Lilly, had just moved from Florida to Georgia. I missed the ocean and my friends, and I would also miss our house. I would always have sleepovers over the weekends there, and we would go to the park with each other almost everyday.

My mom made a big breakfast for my first day. She made eggs, toast, bacon, and hashbrowns. When I was done eating, I put my dish in the sink and went upstairs to change. I picked out some cute skinny jeans. When I put them on, they were too small, so I picked out some of my big light blue jeans that fit.

Right as I was putting on my shirt my mom yelled, "Layla your bus is here." I quickly put on my shirt and my shoes and grabbed my book bag and I ran out the door. I saw my mom wave as the bus left our street.

When I got on the bus, I looked around and wondered, where do I sit? While I was walking in the aisle, I saw this girl sitting by herself in seat 7. I wanted to make friends and not get bullied so I sat with her. I asked her what her name was and she said, "My name is Hope." I told her that my name was Layla. I asked her what book she was reading and she said, "I’m reading the new comics that just came out in the school library, this one is called Standing on the Moon." Right when I was about to ask her what grade she was in we got to the school.

When I got out of the bus, Hope asked me what grade I was in and I said, "I am in 5th grade.'' Hope said, "Same. We should walk to class together. But wait, do you know if we're in the same class?” I said, "I don't even know my locker number or whose class I'm in." Hope took me to the school office.

We walked to the office and we asked the principal what class I was in and she said, "What's your name?” I told her that my name was Layla Rose and she found my class. Hope was really hoping I would be in Mrs. Daisy's room with her, but when the principal told us that I was in Mrs. Brooks’ class Hope got kinda sad. Hope walked away and said, "I will see you at lunch Layla. I got to go to class."

When Hope left I asked the principal what my locker number was and she said, "Layla your locker number is 36." I walked out knowing I would be alone today. I had no friends except Hope and I can't even see her until lunch.

I was walking around the hall looking for locker 36 but then this girl put her foot out and tripped me as I was walking. Then she said, "Oops I didn't mean to." After that I got up and just walked away. I thought to myself, I knew this would happen because I would always get bullied. Every time I got bullied at my old school, my friends would stand up for me, but now I have no one. I found my locker and I put my backpack in it. I found Mrs. Brooks' class and I walked in with everyone looking at me.

Mrs. Brooks said, "Hi, you must be Layla. We have been waiting for you." I saw my seat in the front of the classroom and I sat in it. The room was very colorful. It had rainbows all over and she had these pretty pink walls. She had a bunch of posters about learning and some about being yourself. I asked Mrs. Brooks if this was a math or a reading room. She said, "This is a math room where we are all kind." I started looking around until I saw the girl who tripped me.

She was looking straight at me, so I asked Mrs. Brooks can I go to the restroom? She said, "Yes you can, Layla, just don't take too long. We have to get into another lesson before the bell rings." I ran out of the room to the restroom.

I sat there for a few minutes until I decided to go back into the classroom and not be scared because I am the strong girl. The bell rang, so we walked into the lunch room.

It was loud. When I looked to my right, I saw Hope waiting for me to sit next to her. The lunch choice was chicken sandwich or hotdog. I chose hotdog because at my old school me and my friends would always get hotdogs together.

While I was thinking, Mrs. Brooks told me I was checking out. I wondered why my mother would check me out on my first day. I went back to the classroom and got my stuff and headed to the front office. I saw my mom, and she told me she had a surprise for me. I got in the car and we drove home.

When we got there I was sad I got checked out on my first day. I asked her why she checked me out and she said, ''Just wait." Then I walked in the house and saw my besties. I ran to them. I gave them a warm hug and told them this is just what I needed.


Amelia A. is 8 years old and in third grade. Her dream place to travel has to be Greece. She loves Christmas and Thanksgiving. Amelia loves any type of book!

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Steena Hernandez
Steena Hernandez
Jun 11, 2023

Amelia, I enjoyed this story! I especially loved your mom’s surprise at the end! Thank you for sharing!:)

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