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Life Cycle of a Tree & An Illustration by Marian Moldaschl

Red square with graphic of fairies and white text that reads Why Leaves Fall by Mia Perron


The leaves will start from nothing,

The tree has

Bare branches

Showing through.

The buds will grow,

Then split.

The tree has leaves;

They’re fresh and new.

Till the autumn air falls like a cloak

Round the shoulders of the tree

The leaves will change their colours

Green to golden, you will see.

And then they’ll take

The leap down to

A place they’ve never been.

The crisp brown earth that’s underneath the tree that was once green.


drawing and water color image of a cat sitting among fallen leaves in a forest


Marian is a 12 year old who enjoys sketching, watching films with her family, and eating sushi. She is an avid reader and collector of notebooks that are too nice to use.

1 Comment

Jan 07

WOW!! What a brilliant poem/story--I can feel what's happening right along with your words. And I love your beautiful, thoughtful cat in the woods.

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