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Moving to a New Place by Abby D.

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(photo of moving boxes via Wix media)


It's January and I just got some news about us possibly moving away from our current home in Canton, Georgia. I'm anxious about the new changes there will be if we do move. When I asked her if we were really moving my mom said, "It all depends on if Daddy gets the job he wants that's an hour and a half away."

Now it's February. My parents told me that we are moving because Daddy did get the job he was hoping for. We're moving away from Canton. I'm happy for him, though I don't want to move. Mommy and Daddy help me pack. I cry because of us moving an hour and a half away. I'm not ready to move away from my friends and family. We visit our new house a few times. They're still working on building it.

It's March now. On moving day, I go to my friend Cami's house, and my little sister, Lexi, goes to our Grandma and Papa's house. The only reason I was with my friend and Lexi went with Grandma and Papa was because it was Cami’s birthday.

The next day Grandma, Papa, and Lexi pick me up. Grandma and Papa bring us to our new home in Carrollton. An hour and a half later when we get there, Mommy tells us, "Aunt Tiffany, Uncle Ted, and Kinsey are coming over to help celebrate our move and we have neighbors right outside our backyard about your ages. One of them is Annibelle, and she is 4 like Lexi. The other one is Haddy, and she is 7, a year younger than you." I was 8 at the time. "Wow!" Lexi and I both say in excitement. I realize that I'm going to have a new school and new friends, and I'm happy about it. There's so many new things and new beginnings to this part of my life. I'm excited for these great new beginnings.


Abby D. is 9 years old and in 3rd grade. She loves to read all kinds of books. Right now, she's really liking the Percy Jackson series. She loves school! When she's not at school, Abby likes to do art and write stories. Sometimes, she'll take time to read on the weekends.


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