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Not My Dream Dog by Keira Legge

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(photo of dachshund sitting on a blue couch via Wix media)


I took the biggest bite out of my pizza. The melted cheese sticks to the roof of my mouth. I scrape it off with my tongue, with disgust. I continued to eat when I heard footsteps coming from another room. I look at the entrance to the kitchen and my dad slides in the room. He walked toward me and my brother with a mischievous smile. He opens his mouth to speak and the words jump out of his mouth so fast my mind can barely comprehend. “Would you two like to go look for a dog?''

I jumped out of my chair so fast I might have broken the world record for highest jump. I was so excited I could barely get words to come out of my mouth. “YES! YES! YES!'' I ran to the car with no doubt I would find the dog of my dreams today. A pug. Yes, a pug. I had been annoying my parents so much about a pug. I took out library books, drew pictures and wrote pleading notes almost daily. Finally my hard work paid off. I am going to find the pug of my dreams.

We arrived at the place of my dreams, the place I've been dreaming of going to since I was 3. I ran into the shelter, ignoring all of the workers, and running to the first door I saw. I whipped open the door hoping millions of adorable little puppy faces would be waiting for me. I stood there frozen. I almost pee my pants with excitement. There in front of me was the cutest pug ever. My family and I take the pug into an area where we can play, pet, and have fun with the puppy before making a decision to take it home. I play with the pug for a few minutes and the most surprising thing happens. I don't love it. I mean, yes I love it, I love all dogs, but I knew at that moment, this dog wasn’t MY dog. We put the pug back, and I sadly walked out the door. But that's not the end.

I turn around to see a box full of dachshunds. I never really cared for them, but I had looked into the box out of curiosity. I saw three dachshunds jumping, wanting me to pet them. Then I saw one little dog sitting in the corner. His adorable, big brown eyes stared at me. His tongue hung out of his mouth and it almost looked like he was smiling. I put my arms out and his short, little legs strolled over to me. He curled into me, laying his head over my elbow. And that's when it hit me. That was my dog. Not the dog I’ve been dreaming about forever, but this perfect puppy was my forever puppy.


Keira Legge is in 6th grade and loves writing. Keira recently joined the literary club at school, as she loves reading and writing so much. She has had two other writing pieces published in previous editions, and looks forward to the different themes each time. This story is based on the real experience of how she came to find her perfect puppy and welcoming him into our family.

Keira's stories have appeared in previous issues of Little Thoughts Press. You can read about her writing process, favorite books, and more in this past interview.


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