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Silly Love Sonnets Kidlit Poetry Contest!


Valentine's Day is almost here! To celebrate and spread a little kidlit love, we are excited to announce the Little Thoughts Press

"Silly Love Sonnets” Kidlit Poetry Contest!

drawing of a cartoon raccoon with a rose in its mouth against a backdrop of pink hearts in a red, pink and purple sky.
artwork by Little Thoughts Press cover artist, Rachael Harbert

Save your romantic gestures and sweeping declarations for your one true love or latest crush. We want your odes to the little things you love the most. A perfect peanut butter & jelly sandwich, the Rainbow Road race course in Mario Kart, crunchy caramel popcorn, or the inexplicable softness of a kitty cat's belly. Give us silly perspectives: a poem from a hamster who loves its exercise wheel, a homerun baseball soaring out of a stadium, a crawling baby who can't resist turning over the family dog's water bowl.

Don't let the form scare you away. We are looking for sonnets but aren't sticklers for specific rules. Just give us fourteen lines about something silly you love. Rhyme and meter are a plus, but aren't required.

What: A fourteen-line poem celebrating any little thing you love. The sillier the better! This is all about spreading joy, and saluting the small pleasures in life. All submissions should be appropriate for a readership of kids ages 12 and younger.

Who: Agented, pre-agented, published, pre-published, writers of all ages and stages— all kidlit creatives are welcome to enter!

When: The contest submission period is from February 7th - 14th. A winner, two honorable mentions, and a kid choice winner will be announced here, on the Little Thoughts Press blog, and on our socials on Friday, February 16th! Selected poems will be featured on the blog and winners will receive a free copy of their choice of one of our issues & a bookmark featuring Little Thoughts Press cover art. Winning entries will be selected by Little Thoughts Press editors, Claire and Carrie.

How to enter: Post your entry as a comment on this post by 11:59 pm (EST) on February 14th. Entries posted outside of this window will not be considered. Please include your name with your poem so we know for sure whose entry it is!

Details: Rhyme and meter are not required, but your sonnet must be fourteen lines. 1 entry per kidlit creator.

Grab your copy of our participant badge and help spread the word by sharing #sillylovesonnets on your socials! We can't wait to see all the silly things you can't help but love!

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15 feb

Stuck With You

By: Marci Whitehurst


I’ve known you for forever,

You’ve stuck with me through tears.

I truly cannot sever,

Our bond throughout the years.

Like when we made the bird cage,

Or the card for my grandma…

No matter what my stage or age,

You’re the best I ever saw.

You help me in a pinch or scrape,

I reach for you with joy.

Soft then hard, you’re better than tape,

You fixed my favorite toy!

Roses are red, violets are blue,

But if they break, I come to you: GLUE!

Me gusta

14 feb

Snoring Songs

By Kellie Tune


I love it when you say goodnight,

you snuggle down hugging me tight.

With blankets, you flip and you stir,

your nostrils then sound like they purr.

What starts as the quietest puff

becomes a drumming that's gruff.

It echo's and grows to a roar,

a freight train-like bellowing snore.

At first I try blocking it out.

I toss and turn, kick and I shout.

As decibels don't shrink or stop

my hopes for sleep plummet. I flop.

I answer in monstrous snore!

A sound I have learned to adore.

Me gusta

14 feb

Oh, How I Revel in the Rain! A Sonnet of Sorts

by Colleen Owen Murphy

I absolutely love a sunny day,

to swing, to swim, to simply run and play.

But oh, my heart, when buckets fill the sky

and drop their pails of moisture from on high!

When rainfall rushes down our water spout, and puddle playgrounds start to form about, I race outside to live my dream of dreams

as cloudbursts turn the streets from roads to streams.

I sing, I prance in pools. I dance and dash,

I stand on curbs. I jump. I aim. I splash!

I’m somewhat soaked and spent, but nonetheless,

I free my feet and make a muddy mess. For well I know, in time, the…

Me gusta

14 feb

The World's Best Dog - by Angela Jelf -( X: @angietange)

My puppy's eyes are nothing like the sun,

His left ear sticks up like a sail,

His paws get so muddy whenever he runs,

That he's constantly leaving a trail.

I've seen clever pups that can jump and roll over

But my dog would rather chase sticks,

And as for his breath, well, it don't smell like roses,

And he's constantly giving me licks.

He isn't too likely to win any prizes,

For hounds who are handsome and smart,

But a more loyal friend, you never did meet,

And he holds the first place in my heart.

Here's to a dog, who is loyal and true,

Who shreds up…

Me gusta

14 feb

The Best Thing About School - by Alex Price

The bell rings out as we run for play time

Rush to beat Year 6 to the football pitch

The anxious wait for selection in line

Our teams are decided, it's six on six

Glory can meet us in different ways

Like the goalie who saves a penalty

For me it's my endless skillful displays

Making a win seem like a guarantee

There is no purer feeling I have found

Than the way your heart flutters as you score

My team filled with passion lifts me off ground

A show of heroics leaves me adored

They rightly call this the beautiful game

You will not find another love the same

Me gusta
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