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Snowman by Ramona Lydic

Two turtles on the edge of a pond
(by Showkat Chowdhury via unsplash)


Once upon a time, there was a little snowman who lived in the woods with her mommy and daddy. They loved every winter, because every winter, they got to do snowball fights.

Until, one day, there came a huge monster. It was called The Snow Monster. But, he was very friendly. He asked The Little Snowman and her friends to play!

The Little Snowman and friends said "Sure you can!"

Then more friends came and asked to play, and the snowman and their friends said, "Sorry, we have too many players, but if you really want to play, solve my riddle. The riddle is 'What Makes the Loudest Sound?'"

The new friends said "A drum!"

The Little Snowman said "Correct! You can play with us!"

They also met a princess named Rosabelle. Rosabelle wanted to know where the castle was and all the friends, even The Little Snowman, said "This is not a castle! This is Snowville!"

"Snowville?" said the princess. "What's Snowville?"

"Snowville," said the friends, "is the place where it snows all the time, never stops."

"Oh," said the princess. "Well, I didn't know about Snowville!"

The Little Snowman said, "To get to Castleville, all you have to do is go down the street, to the left, and you make it."

"Ok," said the princess. "Gotta go, toodle-loo!"

"Well, I guess it's just us," said The Little Snowman. "What do you want to do?"

"The only thing I can think of is snowball fights," said The Snow Monster.

"Too bad," said The Little Snowman, "because I don't really feel like playing snowball fights."

It got late, and it was starting to get to dinnertime.

"Well," said The Little Snowman, "I guess I have to go. My dad is waiting for me. So is my mom."

"Well, goodbye," said The Snow Monster. "See you next year."

"Why are you going to see me next year?" said The Little Snowman.

"Because,” The Snow Monster said, “I have to go to another house and play with some people."


Ramona Lydic is seven years old. She is also in second grade. She likes to swim. She also likes to play at parks. She likes to go to Knott's Berry Farm. She likes 'Moana,' and her favorite books are princess books.


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