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Where I Write: Sheila Schmotzer

Photograph of author Sheila Schmotzer seated in a plane's jumpseat.


Sheila Schmotzer's debut picture book Plane Party, independently published through Wander Wall Books, is available online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. You can also find it on the shelves of Bay Books of Coronado at the San Diego International Airport. Sheila's story, "The Snow Ballet," was published in Little Thoughts Press's Magical Winter issue in December 2021.

A woman of many talents, Sheila is a former dance studio owner with a Bachelor of Arts in Dance. An IMDb member, she appeared in Netflix's The Do-Over and the feature films Magic Mike XXL and Baywatch. A member of the World Animal Foundation, Sheila enjoys volunteering at her local wildlife refuge center and traveling.

In addition to creating magical flights of fancy for kids, she's a flight attendant with a major US airline. Sheila resides in South Carolina and is based out of Orlando, Florida.

If you'd like to learn more about her journey, visit Sheila's website, connect with her through Twitter at @SheilaSchmotzer, and join the fun on her Tik Tok account "Sky Girl Author" @SheilaSchmotzer.


Welcome aboard.

My name is Sheila, and I'll be your flight attendant on today's writing journey.

One of my favorite times to write is when I'm flying. After I complete my preparation, duties, and service, or when traveling in general, I brainstorm, write, and revise. I love creating humorous children's stories, narrative nonfiction, and picture book biographies. Sometimes, I bounce ideas off my crew or even the passengers!

Wheels up.

My airline's aircraft feature animals domestic to our destinations and endangered species on the tails and wings. These amazing images and a few of my favorite pets in the cabin and service animals warm my heart and keep my creative wheels turning.

I often fly through the starry nighttime skies while much of the world sleeps. For safety and security—I must remain alert. Red-eye travel is the perfect opportunity to write, revise, and read, as it provides very few distractions.

As the cabin drifts off to slumber and snores, I take to my jumpseat and pull out my notebook. Jotting down my thoughts helps time pass quickly on the longest of legs. On these flights, I get some of my best story ideas.

Adventure awaits.

I've had the good fortune of visiting incredible places on my layovers.

Once on a San Diego stay, I searched for all things related to Dr. Seuss! I discovered his iconic work in an art gallery and located the library named in his honor. I'll never forget my "search for Seuss" and getting to see his drawings and original sketches from his work process.

From walking on beaches, exploring caves, observing architectural wonders, or taking in glorious sunsets…inspiration is everywhere.

Destination arrived.

Thanks for flying with me today. Fly high, dream big, and may you always get the window seat.

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Carrie S Fannin
Carrie S Fannin
22 jul 2023

Thanks for taking us along on your writing journey, Sheila!

Me gusta
23 jul 2023
Contestando a

Thank u Carrie. I loved this writing prompt and was super happy to share. Your input into the editing was fantastic. :))

Me gusta
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