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Winners of the Silly Love Sonnets Kidlit Poetry Contest!


Thank you to everyone who shared the love in our Silly Love Sonnets kidlit poetry contest!

It was so much fun to read through all of the incredible entries and delight in the little things you all love! You all made it so hard to choose that we ended up awarding more prizes than we had originally intended.

First up, we are excited to announce our WINNER...

drawing of a cartoon raccoon with a rose in its mouth against a red, pink and purple sky full of pink hearts
artwork by Little Thoughts Press cover artist, Rachael Harbert


Ode to OREOs

But soft, what cream through yonder cookie breaks?

‘Tis OREO, and mine taste buds awake.

A prize for glorious centers sweet. 

Peanut butter, mint, and birthday cake treat.

And praise for thy chocolate divine.

Oh, how I wish thou were mine, only mine!

Whether stuck in mine teeth or new in thine pack

Oh crunchy companion, you’re my favorite snack. 

And thy beautiful shape, so perfectly round.

‘Tis better than other cookies I’ve found. 

Goodnight, goodnight, till it be morrow.

Parting from thee is such sweet sorrow,

Shall I hide thee in a place only I know?

My one true love . . . Oh, OREO!

Congratulations, Ryann!

There's no doubting your love for Oreos; this poem is double-stuffed with devotion!

Here are more of our thoughts on this winning piece:

Claire: How fitting for a Silly Love Sonnet to take one of literature's most notable declarations of desire and direct it at a cookie! And truly, is there any cookie more deserving than the Oreo whose pairing with a glass of milk could rival that of Romeo and Juliet any day? We came looking for a bit of fun and trivial delights and Ryann's entry really delivered.

Carrie: Well, who doesn't love an Oreo cookie? I know I do. Ryann did a great job balancing archaic language and form with modern sensibilities. All the "ohs" and other round sounds throughout seemed to echo the cookie shape, adding a fun layer of sensory appeal for me. I imagine that both William Shakespeare and Sam Porcello (the creator of this fun black-and-white confection) would be proud of Ryann’s tribute.


drawing of a cartoon raccoon with a rose in its mouth against a red, pink and purple sky full of pink hearts


My Love For You

My love for you is hard to show.

I watch you as you come and go.

I’m waiting for the day you’ll know

How much I really love you so.

I know that I’m no Romeo

But given time, our love could grow.

My love for you is hard to show.


My love for you is hard to show.

  I try to wave and say hello…

      I move my body to and fro…

         I swim around a fake chateau…!

My love for you is hard to show.


If I could wish a wish for you

I’d wish you were a goldfish, too.

Claire: So clever! The unique perspective in this poem sneaks up on you and then you get the great payoff in the ending couplet. You can just picture the goldfish brimming with love as it swims back and forth and I can't help but feel a twinge of sadness for the little fish and its big, unrequited love.

Carrie: This poem snuck up on me. Coming to the turnaround line of that "fake chateau" snapped everything into focus, and bam! All of a sudden, I was feeling some feelings—so poignant and unexpected. Great work here. 

There were so many wonderful entries that we ended up selecting three Honorable Mentions in addition to our winner and runner-up. Please join us in congratulating our three HONORABLE MENTIONS...

drawing of a cartoon raccoon with a rose in its mouth against a red, pink and purple sky full of pink hearts


Ode to a beach scene jigsaw

Shall I construct thee to a summer’s day?

Only if all thy pieces so align.

A thousand of them, lying where they may;

The table hasn’t room on which to dine.

Whither the primarily yellow bits?

Up and away to form the glowing sun,

Or maybe as a playful towel it fits?

I wonder how frustration’s so much fun.

I pray that piece I need is not mislaid.

It should go there, behind the ice cream van.

Oh no, I really don’t require your aid;

My satisfaction’s knowing that I can.

All done, hurray! The puzzle is complete.

‘Twas so engrossing I forgot to eat!

Claire: Both the puzzle's beach scene and the image of someone working on a puzzle are wonderfully brought to life in this poem, and in only fourteen lines! I loved all the little specific details of the puzzle with the towel and the ice cream van, as well as the nods to the puzzle's obtrusive and frustrating qualities. Plus there's a nicely woven-in message here about the joy that comes from sticking with a hard task and seeing it through to its end.

Carrie: Here's another fun nod to the Bard. The vivid and specific language took me straight into the scene and kept me there, which mirrored what the narrator was experiencing. There's even a bit of a story arc, which is fabulous in such a short space. My favorite line is "I wonder how frustration's so much fun," which perfectly sums up the mysterious joy of jigsaw puzzles.


A Valentine's Flower for Frankenstein’s Monster 

Even a monster like me loves flowers:

roses and tulips, petunias and buttercups. 

I’ve got a green thumb and a florist’s nose

all thanks to the doctor who sewed me up. 

But I planted roses and they died—oh, I cried!

Then my tulips withered—my green lips quivered!

My petunias perished—well, those I forgot to water…

And my buttercups croaked—I blubbered, I choked! 

If only my garden was green like me...

But that’s it! If my yard is a tomb,

then I’ll gather dead blossoms and zap ‘em—boom!—

to make a new monstrous, mishmash bloom! 

From fallen petals—behold!—my Franken-Flower is born!

I love it but it stinks and—ouch—it has thorns. 

Claire: This poem has a ton of kid appeal. It's like a Valentine to all the little Halloween fans out there! I love the humorous image of this poor monster trying to grow flowers and inadvertently killing them all instead. I can just picture its quivering green lips and look of dejection. I love that the monster, who is made from a mishmash of parts creates a new flower by similar means. Well done!

Carrie: Stefan's work is always smart yet accessible. In addition to this piece's great storytelling and vivid imagery, the wordplay and humor of the narrator—a sewn-together monster made of once-dead bits—having a green thumb and a florist's nose was especially wonderful.

MEERA—age 10

My Pet Human

I’m a blue pig, as you can plainly see

My human thinks I’m her pet, but that’s not how it is to me.

From my view, she’s my pet indeed.

She sleeps in my bed, but thinks it’s hers.

Though she’s a little confused you see,

I love her more than eating birdseed.

Crackers are yummy too,

but I love her more, I swear I do.

If I don’t keep my promise to you, 

Then I’m no blue pig, it’s true.

What promise you ask?

Why, the one about me loving her, of course.

Though she’s definitely a little confused about me,

I love her so much…

Claire: This poem is so sweet and fun! What kid hasn't imagined that their favorite stuffed animal was alive and loved them? The Toy Story-style flipped perspective here works so well. You can really feel this pig's devotion to its human.

Carrie: My own stuffy pig was purple and my favorite toy for many years as a kid. I dragged "Piggy" everywhere! So, this "love poem" by a blue pig for their pet human took me back to some sweet memories. 

And lastly, my six-year-old's favorite and the winner of our KID CHOICE is...

drawing of a cartoon raccoon with a rose in its mouth against a red, pink and purple sky full of pink hearts


The World's Best Dog

My puppy's eyes are nothing like the sun,

His left ear sticks up like a sail,

His paws get so muddy whenever he runs,

That he's constantly leaving a trail.

I've seen clever pups that can jump and roll over

But my dog would rather chase sticks,

And as for his breath, well, it don't smell like roses,

And he's constantly giving me licks.

He isn't too likely to win any prizes,

For hounds who are handsome and smart,

But a more loyal friend, you never did meet,

And he holds the first place in my heart.

Here's to a dog, who is loyal and true,

Who shreds up your slippers and runs off with your shoe!

Here are a few thoughts on this choice:

"I like that it has an animal. My favorite line is the part about destroying the shoe!"

Congratulations to all our winners! Please message @LTPmag on Twitter or email me at littlethoughtspress at gmail to claim your prizes and coordinate shipping. Our Winner, Runner-up and Kid Choice winner will receive a copy of one of our issues and our Honorable Mentions will receive bookmarks featuring cover art from Little Thoughts Press issues. Thank you again to everyone who participated! It was such a treat to read through your entries. And thank you as always for reading and supporting Little Thoughts Press. Our Fabulous Facts issue launches on February 28th and is available for preorder now!


Feb 19

Writing a sonnet was much more fun than I thought it would be. Reading all the others was a joy. Congrats to everyone who made the effort and to the winners whose sonnets were superb!


Feb 18

Congratulations to all of the winners, the judges and Little Thoughts for creating a fun challenge!


Feb 18

Thank you for a fun contest and congratulations to the winner, runner ups, and HMs!


Michelle S. Kennedy
Michelle S. Kennedy
Feb 17

Congrats to the winners and honorable mentions!


Kimberly Horch
Kimberly Horch
Feb 17

Ryann, pure brilliance! That was hilarious!

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