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About My Best Friend, Crow by Saket Pattnaik

Orange square with silhouette of a crow on a branch and text About My Best Friend, Crow by Saket Pattnaik


Many days ago, I met a crow. When he caws at daybreak, he wakes us all up. However,

when I am late to give him food, his calls are often harsh. Crows are of 20 different types

or kinds. I think the crow that sits on my window sill every morning is a domestic crow.

He resembles ravens, which are his close relatives. Jays and Magpies are also linked to

him. I wish I could keep a Jay bird as my friend. Magpies are thieves, I read in a book.

My friend crow is 16 inches in length. He is black in colour. So black that one day I took

a picture of him against the dark cloudy sky, and it was difficult to make out where he


When I gave him pistachios one day, I thought he would eat the seed but no. He is so

smart that he knows it was a seed and he shouldn’t eat it. With his strong beak, he

cracked the seed open and was able to eat. Sometimes when I give him little worms to

eat, he doesn’t agree and calls for veggies. He is now my best friend and I wait for him to

come to my window sill every morning.


Saket Pattnaik is nine years old. He loves to travel, play with toy cars, and watch TV.

Sakets's writing has previously appeared on the Little Thoughts Press blog, including the following stories:

What is your favorite topic to study in school?

My favorite topic to study in school is Maths. 

What is the most interesting thing you recently learned?

The most interesting thing I recently learned is that 0 is not represented in Roman numbers.

What book are you currently reading or read most recently? Would you recommend this book to other readers?

I read Mistakes That Worked by Charlotte Foltz Jones (Random House) most recently. Yes, I would recommend this book to other readers. 

What is one fabulous fact about you?

One fabulous fact about me is that I won a medal in a Mathematics competition in 2022 where I solved 50 sums in only 5 minutes.

What do you like most about writing?

I love writing because I can explore different places and adventures through my stories.


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