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Three Poems by Mara Occhuizzo

Purple square with white graphics of seeds blown in wind and birds in flight. Text reads Three Poems by Mara Occhuizzo


Out My Window

Out my window, my dreams dance

like seeds woven into the wind

as I watch the sky dipped blue jay fly.

Out my white welcoming window,

stands a tall ancient Oak,

Waiting long and wide

beckoning me to learn of its ancient mysteries.

Out my window, flowers of the seasons bloom and blossom.

Life passes by, like birds fly

Out my window I hug the moment and freeze time

I see the world as a place of wonder

The woods, wild, call to me

What is a River

A river is a friend that binds us together

Streaming bright through our hearts

A river is a journey through time

The scent of a memory washing through us

It’s an ancient meeting place

Veiled in mystery like kings as old as time

And mermaids softly singing

A river is a smile that makes people laugh

A puzzle, a constellation, a beacon

A river is a flow that never ends

It bonds life and death together

It is nature's greatest treasure

It is infinity, it is life

The Meaning of Small Things

It is the small bird’s call, she whispered, as they beat down upon her window ledge

It is the skipping of a stone along the crisp cool water of the frozen lake

It is the brilliant shine of a tortoise shell

and an acorn top that makes the perfect hat for a fairy or a gnome

It is a frog sitting in a puddle bathing in the mud, waiting for spring

A fox calling her pups in the misty night

The wonder of waking in the night as a storm rolls by

and the downy snowflakes as they fall on the silent eve

These are moments that matter

These are moments that mend our souls


Mara Bella Occhuizzo is an 8-year-old who loves to be outdoors. She enjoys hiking, bike riding, and is an avid reader. Mara enjoys playing several instruments and loves learning bluegrass due to her proximity to world-renowned bluegrass artists and teachers in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. She spends time turning her poems into songs.

What is your favorite topic to study in school?

My favorite subject in school is music because it makes me feel free! 

What is the most interesting thing you recently learned?

I recently learned that the human ear stops growing between the ages of 9 and 13! A woman's eardrum is the size of a penny and a man's eardrum is the size of a quarter! 

What book are you currently reading or read most recently? Would you recommend this book to other readers?

I am reading Wish by Barbara O'Connor and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain. I enjoy both books because they give me perspective on the lives of others.

What is one fabulous fact about you?

I like to collect antiques! I love anything that looks magical (beautifully decorated hankies, ladies' hats, small jewelry boxes). 

What do you like most about writing?

I love to write because I can let my words flow onto paper and set them free. 


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