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Beginning of Winter by Jordan W.

Two turtles on the edge of a pond
(photo of a snowy night via Wix media)


Summer is a season that everyone loves. When it goes away, it's fall and most people

don't like it. But to me, winter is a new beginning.

The best part of winter is you can have snowball fights with your friends, cousins, or

siblings. You can even eat snowballs! You can also ice skate on frozen lakes. You can make a

snowman with a scarf, a hat, some rocks, and a carrot. Last but not least, you can add two sticks

for arms.

During the winter, you can get presents from Santa and family. You get presents from

Santa because winter is when Jesus was born and that's when Christmas is. When you get

presents from family is when they choose to do Christmas, like the 24th, 23rd, or on Christmas


Winter is the season when it snows. Also, that's when the bugs go away. "Yay!" That

means no more bug bites. You can also play outside in the snow. That means more snowball

fights with family or friends.

The worst part about winter is that you could get a cold or your favorite plant dies, and

you have to wait till next spring to see it again. Also, you can't see your friends when it snows

really hard. If you play outside, you need to wear gloves, a hat, a scarf, and a jacket.

      People love the summer, but to me, winter is a new beginning.


Jordan W. is 8 years old and in third grade. His favorite food is a hot dog. His favorite book is Junie B. Jones. His favorite movie is Christmas Vacation. He loves to paint. If he could travel anywhere around the world, he would go to Florida.


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