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Interview: Bri Lawyer

Photo of a copy of Little Thoughts Press Issue 7: Fabulous Facts

A photograph of Little Thoughts Press Issue Seven: Fabulous Facts with a sneak peek of "Nature's Partnerships" by Bri Lawyer.


Bri Lawyer developed her craft by being a member of SCBWI and Storyteller Academy while attending writing conferences and classes, including Renee LaTulippe’s Lyrical Language Lab. She has poems published in the Dirigible Balloon and Little Thoughts Press magazines. Bri is a 2024 PBParty finalist and Round Table Mentee. Her work has received recognition in numerous writing contests. She keeps an active online presence in the KidLit community through Twitter and participates in two critique groups. Before writing, Bri earned her Master of Education and taught third grade for seven years.


Little Thoughts Press: Fabulous Facts is a celebration of nonfiction writing. How were you bitten by the nonfiction bug in the first place and how has exploring this genre changed your writing path? 

Bri Lawyer: I find it funny that I’m answering this question because not too long ago, I never considered writing nonfiction. The 2023 SunWriteFun writing competition challenged me to explore writing nonfiction, but even then, I wrote an informational fiction piece. My poem, "Nature’s Partnerships," that I submitted to Little Thoughts Press was the first nonfiction piece I ever wrote. I have since written more because I found that I love presenting facts to children in fun ways!

Little Thoughts Press: What is your favorite line from a nonfiction picture book? What about it speaks to you? 

Bri Lawyer: To be honest, I haven’t read many nonfiction picture books. I mostly stuck to fiction before and recently ventured into informational fiction. Now that I have discovered I like writing nonfiction, this will change! So instead, for now, can I share one of my favorite informational picture book lines? In Except Antarctica, by Todd Sturgell, the narrator says, “Turtles are found on every continent except Antarctica.” The turtle responds, “Hmph, we’ll see about that.” My children and I loved learning facts while adventuring to Antarctica with this silly stubborn turtle!

Little Thoughts Press:  In honor of Issue 7's theme, Fabulous Facts, tell us one fabulous fact about yourself.

Bri Lawyer: I lived in Japan for three years!

Little Thoughts Press: How did you get started writing kid-lit and what do you find most challenging and rewarding about writing for kids?

Bri Lawyer: I started writing kidlit about four years ago when I quit teaching to be a stay-at-home mom after my second child was born. Reading picture books to my children sparked my love of them. The most challenging parts are the rejections and the waiting. The most rewarding thing is the amount of friends I’ve made on this journey. Kidlit creators are the friendliest people!

Little Thoughts Press: Which kid-lit authors and books were your favorites growing up?

Bri Lawyer: Growing up my favorites were Goosebumps, by R.L. Stine and Shiloh, by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor. 

Little Thoughts Press: And what about today? Any kid-lit writers you love and want to shout out?

Bri Lawyer: Too many good ones to shout them all out, but Ross Burach, Jan Thomas, Mo Willems, and Ame Dyckman are definitely at the top!

Little Thoughts Press: What advice would you give to young writers?

Bri Lawyer: Don’t give up. You get better with every story you write. Find great critique partners. They are invaluable. Invest in your craft. Don’t let rejections get you down. Perseverance is key!

Little Thoughts Press: Is there anything else you wish I had asked? Any upcoming projects, publications, or other news you'd like to share?

Bri Lawyer: I wish I had upcoming publications or great news to share, but not yet. Hopefully soon!


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