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They Go To The River by Saket Pattnaik

Two turtles on the edge of a pond
(via Wix media)


Once upon a time, the poet and his friend packed all necessary things to go to the river. The poet took a compass, watch, sweater, some snacks in his bag. Now the next morning they woke up at 7:00am, and eat breakfast. Then they go. They think why not start to be brave. They stopped fearing. If a crocodile comes, they had a plan how to fight with the crocodile.

The poet and his friend went to the river by car. On the way, they saw bridges, trees, deer, bison, foxes, and many more animals. Nature was very green and beautiful. They reached at 9:30am. When they reached it was very cloudy and cold. They saw many boats lined at the river for tourists. The names of the boats were Serendipity, Liberty, Gale, Amazonite, Noah. The colours were blue, green, yellow, red, and purple. They went to the boat named Liberty. The colour was red. For one hour the poet and his friend were fishing and boating. When they were boating, they saw nature, colourful birds and the greenery around. They were trying to catch a fish and mistakenly they awakened a sleeping crocodile. Aaaaaaa! They were afraid at first. Its eyes were red and angry. But the poet said, “Let us be brave. We will not be afraid.” Now the poet’s friend remembered. So they danced like mad. After some time, their dance bored the crocodile. But the boat overturned and they swam to safety because they have no fear. And they thanked God for saving their life. After that they reached home at 12:30pm. They were thinking now we must eat the fishes, that will be our lunch. They fried all the fishes, ate some salad too and then, on the hammocks under the tree, read books for two hours. When it was evening, it was very cold, they went inside the house and discussed how was the day. They thought we were not afraid this time, we were brave. So they were happy.


Saket Pattanik is 8 years old. He loves to play with toy cars. Saket loves to travel, he plans to visit Dubai sometime soon. Saket's stories, "Trip to the Nature" and Adventure to Space have previously appeared on the Little Thoughts Press blog.


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